Ada Jafarey

In addition to being the “First Lady of Urdu Poetry”, Ada Jafarey has also been a full time wife, mother, mother in law, grandmother and great grandmother.

She married Nurul Hasan Jafarey on January 29, 1947 in Lucknow, India. Nurul Hasan Jafarey, a Civil Servant, rose to the highest ranks in the federal government and was posted periodically in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore which is where the family and Ada’s writing also moved. Nurul Hasan Jafarey himself had a literary bent and was a frequent contributor to both Urdu and English newspaper columns. He also served as the President of the Anjuman e Taraqi e Urdu. Nurul Hasan, a major inspiration to Ada’s writing, passed away on December 3, 1995, two years short of their Golden Jubilee wedding anniversary.

Ada and Nurul Hasan have three children, Sabiha, Azmi and Aamir.


Sabiha is married to Zubair Iqbal and is settled in Potomac, Maryland, USA. They have three children Sabah, Yusuf and Sameer.


Sabah, Ada’s firstborn granddaughter, is married to Fuad and they have two children, Sabine and Rizwan. Yusuf is married to Nabilah and they have two daughters, Lana and Aliya. Sameer is married to Jumana.


Azmi and his wife Shua are now settled in Andover, Massachusetts, USA. They have two sons, Faaez and Aazim. Faaez is married to Paulina.


Aamir, the youngest son of Ada and Nurul Hasan married Maha and together with their daughter Asra lives with Ada Jafarey in Karachi. Asra is Ada’s youngest grandchild.


Ada has two great grandchildren, Sabine and Rizwan, children of Sabah and her husband Fuad.